What You Need To Know About Dental Implants

February 10, 2017

The popularity of dental implants has increased significantly over the past decades. According to the American Academy of Implant dental implantsDentistry, dentists now treat about half a million Americans with tooth implantation surgery every year. You may discover that this procedure is just what you need to improve your smile. Here are a few things you need to know about dental implants in anticipation of your appointment at 1st Choice Dental Care in Woodstock, Marietta and Kennesaw, GA.

They Can Replace One or More Missing Teeth
Though many dental implant surgeries only involve replacing one missing tooth, devices can be created to replace a row of missing teeth using implants. Your dentist can create a 3-unit bridge in a case where there are three adjacent teeth that need replacement. If the entire top or bottom row is missing, a 4-implant denture device can be designed. Another option is an implant-supported removable denture that clicks on and off when needed. 

They'll Make Your Life a Little Easier
Dental implants placed by your Woodstock, Marietta and Kennesaw dentists will help improve both the function and appearance of your teeth. In other words, they can make your life a little bit easier in certain ways. For instance, you no longer have to suppress your smile in pictures to hide your teeth or gums. Dentures can slip, making for embarrassing moments. You will also be able to comfortably enjoy your meals and favorite foods again, like corn on the cob and apples.

They Require Constant and Continuing Maintenance
You have to take on new oral care habits to ensure that your dental implant stays put. Here are a few best practices:

- Brush for two or more minutes, twice or more per day—preferably after each meal.
- Floss between the teeth thoroughly to ensure food particles don't turn to plaque, a substance that threatens the integrity of the implant.
- Schedule regular cleanings with your dentist to prevent peri-implantitis, a sort of gum disease that can affect implants.

They're Available at 1st Choice Dental Care
One more thing you need to know about dental implants is that they can be installed at 1st Choice Dental Care. Call (678) 293-8773 today to schedule a consultation at one of our three offices, which are located in Woodstock, Marietta and Kennesaw, GA.