What is Causing My Dental Pain?

June 20, 2017

Find out the root cause of your toothache and what to do about it.dental pain

It seems like the whole world stops when you are dealing with a toothache. It’s amazing how much the throbbing and aching can be enough to stop you from enjoying your lunch let alone get anything done at work. What could be causing this incessant pain? Our Woodstock, Kennesaw and Marietta, GA, dentists are here to tell you what your toothache is trying to tell you.

Do you experience sensitivity to hot or cold foods?

If you notice brief pains in one or more teeth when eating ice cream or indulging in a steaming-hot cup of coffee, it could be a cavity or it could simply be that you have tooth sensitivity. This usually happens when enough enamel has been worn away from the tooth (this is common in those who grind their teeth). If you are noticing this issue it’s a good time to turn to our Woodstock, Kennesaw and Marietta general dentists to make sure that you don’t have a cavity and to find out ways to address your sensitivity.

When does a toothache signify something more serious?

Sometimes the pain you are experiencing isn’t due to decay at all. Of course, it could mean a myriad of things, from gum disease to an infection inside the tooth. If you notice that you experience pain when chewing or biting down, this could have a cracked or fractured tooth.

Depending on the severity of the fracture, we will need to shave away the crack or fracture and then place either a crown or filling over the tooth to restore it. If the pain is due to an infection, in many cases root canal treatment will be required to remove the inflamed or infected dental pulp and to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible.

If in doubt, call your dentist right away at the first signs of dental pain. 1st Choice Dental Care in Woodstock, Kennesaw and Marietta, GA, is ready to provide you with the immediate dental care you need. Call us today and let us know if you are dealing with dental pain. We’ll try and get you in as soon as possible.