Veneers Can Make Your Smile Beautiful Again

April 14, 2016

Maybe your adult teeth have always had some problems - discolorations, odd shapes or sizes. Perhaps you used to have nice teeth and they've become chipped, cracked or stained from years of bad habits like tobacco use. Whatever the reason, the dentists at 1st Choice VeneersDental Care in Kennesaw, Woodstock, and Marietta, GA, can help make your smile beautiful again with porcelain veneers. Learn about the benefits of veneers here:

What are veneers?

Dental veneers are a cosmetic dental restoration offered by your dentist. They are made from wafer-thin sections of porcelain and fit over the front of the natural teeth to improve their overall appearance. Each veneer is crafted separately in a dental laboratory to fit the corresponding tooth perfectly and is attached using a strong bonding agent. How many veneers you will need will depend on how many teeth are visible when you smile; some people will only require six veneers, while others need as many as twelve.

What do veneers fix?

Veneers are perhaps the most versatile of all cosmetic dental restorations available today. They improve or cover a variety of problems associated with the natural teeth, including whitening-resistant stains, gaps between the teeth, overlapping, uneven shape and cracks or chips. Your Kennesaw, Woodstock, and Marietta, GA dentist will do a thorough evaluation prior to starting the process of placing your veneers to determine if they're right for your situation.

How long do veneers last?

The dental industry continues to improve upon the form and function of veneers, making them stronger and more realistic than ever before. Their surfaces are much more stain-resistant than natural teeth and the cement used to keep them in place is very strong. Depending on a person's dental care and habits, veneers can last as long as twenty years before needing replacement.

If you think you might benefit from veneers, give us a call at 1st Choice Dental Care in in Kennesaw, Woodstock, and Marietta, GA. We'd be happy to set up an evaluation for you!