The Leader for Dental Implants in Woodstock and Kennesaw

5 Benefits of Restore in 24 Dental Implants

The leader for dental implants in Woodstock and Kennesaw

Dental Implants are an amazing alternative to traditional dentures. And 1st Choice Dental Care is a leader in providing them! They are quick to install, easy to care for, and stronger than most other denture options.

1. Dental implants are fast.

Instead of waiting several months, wearing temporaries while you wait for the permanent traditional dentures to arrive, you can complete the Restore in 24 dental implant process in 2 visits. 1st Choice Dental can complete the process in as little as 24 hours.

2. Dental implants are comfortable.

You can smile, eat, laugh, and talk with confidence, because they do not move in your mouth! Implants are made to fit your mouth and your teeth, so they will look and act like your natural teeth. Foods that were off limits for your previous dentures are back on the menu after the Restore in 24 procedure!

3. Dental implants are strong.

Restore in 24 dental implants are the most advanced hybrid dentures in the world. It is a full arch of permanent false teeth. There are multiple options, but all are strong an durable. You can see the the different options we offer by visiting this webpage: Click here

4. Dental implants are easy.

The only time the implants are removed is when the dentist takes them out for a dental cleaning appointment. You do not have to remove them or use adhesives to keep them in place.

5. Dental implants are a safe investment.

At 1st Choice Dental Care, we provide our patients with the best quality at the lowest prices in the market. We also offer an exceptional 5 year warranty that covers the implant from defects in workmanship and manufacturing.

If your natural teeth are causing you discomfort and embarrassment and you are considering tooth replacements, we think Restore in 24 dental implants are the best option!

Don't just take our word for it, if you're interested, check out our smile transformation gallery here! If you're ready to get more information, contact us at 678-496-3717 and schedule your free consultation.