Root Canals Are Nothing To Fear

November 28, 2016

Have you heard bad things about root canals? Well, read on to get to the "root" of these fabrications.

When you hear the words "root canal," do you feel immediate dread? You're not alone. A survey conducted by the American Academy of Endodontists - root canal specialists - found that most of its respondents were fearful of pain associated with root canals; not because of their own experiences, but because of what they'd heard or read from other sources. In actuality, when you have a root canal at 1st Choice Dental Care in Kennesaw, Woodstock or Marietta, GA, you'll find that the procedure is easy and actually relieves pain instead of causing it. Ready to hear the truth from our doctors? Read on!

Myths about root canals...

There are several persistent myths associated with root canals that your dentist hears from patients. There is concern that root canals are painful, drawn-out procedures, that they can cause illness like heart disease or cancer, or that having a tooth pulled is easier and more effective. All of these beliefs are based on out-of-date dental practices or studies that have long since been proven inaccurate, but the stories surrounding root canals continue to live on, preventing people from getting this very important and tooth-saving procedure.

...and the truth about root canals

The idea that having a root canal can contribute to other illnesses was based on a study done almost 100 years ago and the results of which have never been proven or replicated. The most widespread myth - root canals are painful - is simply incorrect, thanks to high-tech treatment methods and effective anesthetic procedures. Many times people who visit their dentist are in pain before a root canal, which is due to an infection deep inside the tooth. Removing the infection and sealing the tooth off stops the pain from continuing or increasing. By doing this, your dentist is also keeping your natural tooth in place, which we now know is an important factor in preserving the health of the rest of your teeth.

When you need a root canal or any other dental procedure, you can be assured that the entire staff of 1st Choice Dental Care in Kennesaw, Woodstock and Marietta, Georgia has your health and safety at the top of their priority list. Contact us with any further questions or to make an appointment!