Review Your Flexible Spending Account

December 05, 2019

As the year winds down, you may be thinking about that FSA money you have left to spend. Or, the benefits you did not get to use. Did you know that most people do not even come close to using their dental benefits?

Year-End To-Do List

Here are some things to keep on your to-do list for the end of the year:

  1. Get your teeth cleaned. Most insurance companies will cover your teeth cleaning and examination at no cost to you twice a year. Find out from your insurance company if yours is based on the calendar year or enrollment date. You may still have time to get another cleaning!
  2. Schedule a procedure. If you have FSA money left over to spend, it may be a great time to get a dental procedure done. Generally the FSA can be used to pay for anything that treats or prevents dental disease: crowns, bonding, sealing, extractions, and other medical treatments. Things that it cannot be used for include cosmetic treatments, such as whitening and veneers.
  3. Don't buy toothpaste. Your FSA cannot be used for toothpaste, floss and other items related to regular dental hygiene.
  4. Plan for next year. If you maxed out your plan benefits or already spent your FSA, now is the time to start planning for 2020. You can go ahead and make appointments to prepare for procedures you may be able to get once your benefits start over in January.

Check the Details

Flexible Spending Accounts and Dental Coverage plans vary on their rules and end dates. You can contact your insurance company with the phone number on your card to find out what the parameters of your plan are.

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