February 11, 2019

In our Woodstock, Ga dental office, Done In OneTM, formerly Teeth Express, means you start the week with missing, discolored, and failing teeth, but two days into the week you have a brand new smile.

This procedure, performed right here at 1st Choice Dental Care, is simply the best option for a new smile, and patients from around the globe are securing appointments with our top cosmetic dentists regularly.

How Done In OneTM Works

Done In OneTM is a custom bridge bonded to titanium, set apart by its unique strength and beautiful aesthetics. The artificial teeth on this bridge look and function just like natural teeth and the bridge is permanently affixed to your jaw. This bridge means full mouth reconstruction in two days.

Five Steps to a New Smile

1. The first step deals with tooth and gum assessment, which may include x-rays.

2. The next step is smile design, which includes measuring and preparation for your new smile.

3. Step 3 is surgery day. You will be kept comfortable while our cosmetic dentist removes any remaining teeth and implants titanium posts for your new smile. You can leave our office with temporary teeth that look very natural.

4. This step, about two days later, means your permanent replacement bridge is attached, and your beautiful new smile is complete.

5. The final step is a post-surgery check approximately one week after you receive your new smile.

A New Life Following Done In OneTM

This innovative and fast procedure means no more toothaches, crumbling teeth, or dentures that can slip.

With Done In OneTM, you will face the world with confidence and a beautiful new smile.

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