Create A New Smile With Veneers

October 27, 2016

Always wanted that Hollywood smile? Find out how dental veneers can achieve this.

Would you have the perfect smile if it weren’t for those chips in your front teeth? Would your smile be ideal if you didn’t have gray veneersdiscolorations for all the world to see? It may seem as if your smile is just so close to perfect but not quite. That’s where our Woodstock, Marietta and Kennesaw, GA dentists come in. We can easily improve your smile’s appearance with dental veneers.

Veneers are a great and minimally invasive way to get the more attractive smile you want without having to deal with a lot of tooth preparation, as you would if you got dental crowns. Veneers are made from thin layers of porcelain that are designed to match the shade of your smile. They even reflect light just like natural teeth do, so the only person that will know you have dental veneers is you (of course, unless you want to tell people; we don’t blame you if you do!).

Dental veneers may be as thin as a fingernail but they can still cover an extensive amount of dental flaws including:

  • Cracks, chips and breaks
  • Small spaces between two teeth
  • Discolorations that whitening treatment can’t address
  • Minor crookedness and overlapping
  • Malformed or oddly shaped teeth

While veneers can easily get your smile brighter and straighter, our Woodstock, Marietta and Kennesaw cosmetic dentists want you to know that veneers aren’t able to hide more severe crookedness or improve major misalignments. Only braces will be able to achieve the results you need for a better, healthier smile; however, veneers are an amazing alternative to braces if you just want to hide that small space between your front teeth or cover a tooth that may be a bit crooked.

Turn to 1st Choice Dental Care in Woodstock, Marietta and Kennesaw, GA for all of your cosmetic dentistry needs. Our goal is to make your smile look and feel its best. If you want to get dental veneers give us a call today!