Periodontal Treatment

root canal therapy

Periodontal treatment is a type of dental treatment that focuses on the prevention and treatment of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Gum disease is caused by the buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth, which can lead to inflammation and infection of the gums.

Periodontal treatment may involve a variety of procedures, including deep cleaning, scaling and root planing, and gum surgery. The goal of periodontal treatment is to remove the buildup of plaque and tartar from the teeth and gums, promote healing of the gums, and prevent further damage to the teeth and gums.

Deep cleaning is a common procedure used in periodontal treatment. This procedure involves removing plaque and tartar from below the gum line, where regular brushing and flossing cannot reach. Scaling and root planing is another common procedure that involves smoothing out the surfaces of the teeth roots to prevent further buildup of plaque and tartar.

In more advanced cases of gum disease, gum surgery may be necessary. This may involve procedures such as gum grafting, which involves transplanting tissue to repair damaged gums, or pocket reduction surgery, which involves removing excess gum tissue to prevent further damage to the teeth and gums.

Periodontal treatment is important for maintaining the health of the teeth and gums, as gum disease can lead to tooth loss, bone loss, and other serious dental and medical issues. It is important to practice good oral hygiene, such as brushing twice a day, flossing regularly, and visiting the dentist for regular cleanings and checkups to prevent gum disease from developing or worsening.

If you are experiencing symptoms of gum disease, such as bleeding gums, redness or swelling, or bad breath, it is important to seek treatment from a dental professional as soon as possible. Your dentist or periodontist can evaluate your condition and recommend an appropriate course of treatment to restore your oral health.

Dental insurance may cover the cost of deep cleanings, depending on the individual policy. Patients should check with their insurance provider to determine their coverage and out-of-pocket costs. If not covered by insurance we offer financing through third-parties that can be used for periodontal treatment and any other dental work needed.

Find a reputable dentist, consult with the doctor, and discuss your treatment plan and all associated costs. A benefit of choosing 1st Choice Dental Centers for your periodontal treatment is that we offer most, if not all, of the services needed to achieve your ideal smile under one roof!

If you're in need of periodontal treatment, please give us a call at 678-293-8773 to discuss your options today!


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