25k Smile Giveaway Contestant Selection



1) Entries will be screened by a qualified panel of experts who will evaluate each entry based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to contest description
  • Sense that there is a story being told
  • Accuracy of information presented
  • Inclusion of a three minute or less video link to Youtube video (if making a video)
  • Video is titled 1st Choice Dental Care $25k Smile Giveaway 2018 (if making a video)
  • Appropriateness of information presented for public display

Entries that meet the above requirements will be considered a $25,000 Smile Giveaway Contestant and will be subject to verification.


2) 5 verified Contestants' entries chosen by a panel will be posted on the Sponsor's website at www.my1stchoicedentalcare.com (the website). Entries will also be posted on 1st Choice Dental Care's public Facebook page where voting for the Top 3 Finalists will take place.


Entries may also be posted for public viewing on other social media pages operated by Sponsor during the same period, at Sponsor's sole discretion.


The Contestants with the most votes will be declared the "Top 3 Finalists" and will be the 3 Finalists to do doctor exams in the $25k Smile Giveaway. In the unlikely event of a tie, those entries involved in the tie may be reposted or voted on by an independent panel of judges.


A contestant may encourage family and friends to vote for his or Entry, but a contestant may not attempt to induce others to vote for his or her entry through the use of any incentive, sweepstakes, or other promotion. Any use of automatic voting methods by any party will void all such votes and will result in the Contestant's entry being declared ineligible and disqualified from the contest. Any attempt by a Contestant and/or his/her/family, friends, or community to vote more than one vote per day using "boost" technology and/or any other fradulent mechanism as determined by Sponsor, shall give Sponsor the right to disquality the Contestant in Sponsor's reasonable discretion.



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